Vision and Creativity: Staying True to Yourself As An Artist

It always makes me scratch my head when I see people trying to impose their own ideas of what is right or wrong upon artists. Especially when it comes to photography and how photographers should […]


The Big Apple Part II

You wouldn’t think a Florida boy who grew up next to the Florida Everglades would love a place like New York City but I do. Although I grew up in Florida, I do have some […]


The Big Apple Part I and Happy Holidays!

  It’s hard to believe but another holiday season is upon us and with Christmas just over two weeks away I felt it was time to update the blog. After all, I don’t want to […]


In the Hall of the Swamp King

In preparing for the editing phase of “Birth of a Predator” (finally) I’ve been going through the hundreds of clips that I’ve filmed over the last 4 years. As I went through the clips and […]


The Art of Storytelling

Everywhere you look nowadays it seems everyone has a camera. Phone cameras, iPad cameras, helmet cameras, drones with cameras, and the list goes on. These cameras are also getting better and better with more megapixels, […]


Moon Harvest

See what I did there? It’s no secret that I love photographing the moon, it’s one of my favorite things to photograph and I’m constantly looking for new and unique landscapes to showcase our satellite. […]